24/7/365 Vessel Towing and Salvage

For only $109/Year, TowBoat US Lake Lanier is available 24/7/365 to help you get back to your dock or trailer.

If you boat on Lake Lanier, or anywhere in the US, you should most certainly get to know us.  If you haven’t met us yet, we’re the guys in the red boats that will come out any time, day or night, to make sure you get home safely when your boat fails you.  Yes, we said when your boat fails you!  No matter how well maintained your vessel is, there will likely come a time when something breaks, your battery gives out after a day of swimming to your favorite tunes, or one of those trees at the bottom of the lake reaches up and grabs your propeller as you go by.


TowBoatUS Lake Lanier is the region’s most experienced and best equipped marine salvage company.

Whether your boat has sink in her slip, or is hard aground somewhere on the lake, we can help! Salvages are priced individually based on the size of the vessel and complexity of the job.


TowBoatUS Lake Lanier offers towing service 24hrs/day, 7 days/week. Our daytime rates for towing are $175/hour for BoatUS members (who don’t have unlimited coverage), and $220/hour for non-members. After sunset, the rates rise.  Members that exceed their coverage are charged $190/hr and non-members are charged $230/hr Billing begins when we leave the dock, and ends when we return to our home dock. Our average tow on Lake Lanier is 1 1/2 hours.

Need Help Now? Call (800) 391-4869

If you need a tow or jump start on Lake Lanier, give our local number a call to start a captain on the way.

Captain's Services

TowboatUS Lake Lanier offers professional captain’s services and boat handling lessons, including “get home” lessons for secondary operators of your vessel that don’t want to be helpless on the water if the primary operator becomes disabled. The focus on these lessons is on the basics of how to figure out where you are, how to use the VHF radio to call for help and how to get the boat home or to the nearest point of safety. We also offer movie and television filming support for your production needs on Lake Lanier and all of North Georgia.

Benefits of Membership

Discounts on fuel, slips & repairs at 1,200 businesses

Travel savings on hotels, cruises & charters

Exclusive rewards with our retail partner West Marine

24 hr Service Availability, 365 Days/Year

Savings with over 30 national partners

West Advantage Gold Rewards at West Marine

Towing Plans & Pricing

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

“What a joy it was to hear the soothing voice of TowBoatUS A horrible ordeal turned into a wonderful ending because of the way we were treated. I am not afraid to go out anymore.”
Victoria Saralegui

Member Since 2012

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate BoatUS! It makes it so easy and stress free to have my boat towed. The young man who did the towing from Avalon to Long Beach couldn’t have been nicer or more helpful.”
Mike Schoen

Member Since 2004

“These guys are the heroes of the boating world! Concerned, polite and thorough. Thanks for the GREAT service.”
John Doe

CEO, Member Since 2004